Preschool in a Box Review

Preschool in a Box Review
Start your Own Preschool
Preschool in a Box is the perfect solution for the woman who wants to stay at home with her children and make a full-time income in just 4 to 5 hours a day. This kit has everything you need to start a preschool in your own home. No, this is not daycare; it’s preschool. “No daycare is good enough for your kids!” And while you are teaching your own children, why not take on a few other students as well. This is the perfect solution to earn some extra income to help pay for the mortgage, the car payment, that little vacation that you have been dreaming of, and why not start that college fund for the children right away.
Teach your children at home so that they will be prepared for kindergarten. This is a great starter program for those moms who want to home school their children and if you already do daycare, it’s a great daycare curriculum for your preschoolers. Just think of the added value you could give to your daycare kids. I’ll bet that those parents would be willing to pay extra to get their child prepared for school.
Here is what the program Preschool in a Box includes:
• Teachers in Training Home Study Course Workbook
• Teachers in Training Home Study Course 7-DVD Set
• Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum Manual & CD-ROM
• Instant Preschool Marketing
• Fabulous Preschool Forms
• State by State Licensing Guidelines
• Calendar & Newsletter Pack
• Watch & Learn DVD: 3 Teachers, 3 Styles
• Quick Start DVD
• Bonus: 6 Hour Recording of Full-Day Training Workshop
• Bonus: Teacher Fun Pack
• Bonus: 20% Off to
Here is just a sample of what you get with just the Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum Manual and CD-ROM:
• 500 Page Teaching Manual which has everything you need to teach a preschool class from start to finish for 9 months
• Every Theme from A – Z plus 10 Holiday Themes
• You’ll find supply lists, field trip ideas, gross/fine motor activity suggestions
• The program reveals what to do for circle time, rhythms & movement, arts and crafts, discovery time, story time & so much more
Don’t try to start a preschool program without the Preschool in a Box. The Preschool Home Study Course Workbook will save you from making hundreds of mistakes, which could cost you both time and money. The workbook includes every tip, trick, technique, strategy and solution you need to get started the right way with over 200 pages of training guides, worksheets, and action checklists.
The perfect companion to the Preschool Home Study Course Workbook is the 7-DVD set which is packed with over 10 hours of video training which was designed for the visual learners.
Our fabulous Preschool Forms gives you everything you need to create a successful Preschool Business. The pack has 50 forms in all, along with an entire Policies & Procedures handbook. Forms include everything from registration forms to financial documents.
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Wanda Mills
Former Home School Mom

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